Military Print Bundle

Military Print Bundle

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Get FIVE of our Military Images for just $40.00.  
This bundle includes THREE Huge 12x36 Prints.  
Titles: (Colors of Freedom, Rescue, The Guardian).  
Also included in the bundle is a 12x18 Stand & Salute print AND a 6x18 Armed With Valor.  

All of our images are printed on High Quality Paper.  Much thicker and more durable than your normal poster paper.  

Frame is not included

-The Poem on the Stand & Salute print reads:

There is no greater love than when a soldier lays down his life to surrender his right to live in exchange for impending strife. With complete sacrifice and a war battered song you brave the enemies fields in a kingdom you don’t belong. Armed with valor and a spirit that never wanes you oppose mighty giants in the face of horrendous pains. You’ve climbed the highest mountains and stood where kings decree you’ve waved our blood stained banner on every shore and foreign sea. In your heart a Medal of Honor that brightens the road in which you choose with faith you walk on water in a war you refuse to lose. With every step you untie liberty every stride freedom rings every wound you declare independence with every death the angels sing. With your hands you’ve built an empire behind these walls no slaves are found to live in a country that stands exalted where we rally on common ground. You’ve stood beside fallen soldiers who gave their life for one more day that our families may grow in numbers and in our courtyards the children play. You have no mortal rivals there is none that soar as high with a reach that expands creation and a stretch that touches the sky. With wings you glide the heavens adorning colors of red, white and blue as a nation we offer reverence giving thanks where it’s respectfully due. The American Soldier By Kevin Craig.