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Agent99 1/2lb (8oz) Hospital Grade Sanitizer Bulk Makes 112 Bottles

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Kills Bacteria and Viruses! 1/2lb (8oz) makes 112, 32oz bottles!

Agent99 is strong enough for a hospital but safe enough for your home, office, car, or wherever you need protection from pathogens. 

  • Natural and non-toxic, it is much safer to use around kids and pets than harsh, toxic chemicals like bleach.
  • Safe enough to use on skin like a hand sanitizer, or under a mask. You can even sanitize your masks throughout the day with Agent99. 
  • The most environmentally responsible sanitizer. Completely safe for the environment, unlike chemical cleaners. It breaks down into salt and water leaving no ecological footprint.
  • Powerful Hypochlorous acid kills pathogens quickly and effectively.
  • Won’t damage surfaces, or cause discoloration to fabrics. You can use it anywhere.
  • Comes in a powder so you can mix it up when you need it, to any potency. (we recommend 1200ppm or 2g to 32oz of water)

Agent99 is sold in powder form that when mixed with water becomes Hypochlorous Acid, which is effective against harmful pathogens. Safe for use on or around food, skin, and fabric. Agent99 is the perfect solution for killing harmful pathogens in a safe and effective way. You can use Agent99 on any surface, including your skin. Perfect for spraying out the back of a police car after dropping off a suspect, cleaning off pens and clipboards, keeping your hands sanitized after working with a suspect or victim, keeping any tools or equipment safe and sanitized, or any other use where sanitization is required.

Agent99 comes in powder form which makes it easy to ship, store, and mix when you need it, this also makes it easy to re-use bottles and creates less waste. Because it comes in a powder form you can mix up any strength you like, we recommend using 2g to 32oz of water which makes a 1200ppm solution of hypochlorous acid. This is much stronger than other hypochlorous acid products on the market, and will make sure you kill pathogens quickly and effectively.

We do have bulk purchase options available which are a very good value, so if you would like some for your whole department, or just feel like you would like to stock up, check out our options of buying Agent99 by the pound.

Keep yourself safe from harmful pathogens and harmful chemicals, use Agent99! Thank you for your service, we truly appreciate you, please stay safe out there!

Makes 112 Quarts!