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Police Are Heroes [Top 7 Videos]

by Bryce Thomas
Police Are Heroes [Top 7 Videos]

If the police hadn't have been there what would have happened to these people? Is defunding the police or abolishing them altogether really what we want to do in our country? These survivors would likely argue otherwise. 

7 - Washington Officer Talks Suicidal Man Off Bridge 

In Moses Lake, Washington a suicidal man is about to jump off a bridge. Watch as this officer gently talks him down and save his life.  

6 -  Fort Worth Police Officers Save A Woman Threatening To Jump Off A Bridge

In 2018, Fort Worth Texas police officers save a suicidal woman from jumping off an interstate bridge. The woman was suffering from severe anxiety and depression. These two officers stepped in with their training and saved her life.

5 - Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Saves A Man From Oncoming Train

In October 2019, Utah Highway Patrolman Correa was on his way to another call when he spotted a vehicle high centered on a train track. Watch as this officer heroically save a man from an oncoming train just in the nick of time. 

4 - Michigan Police Officer Rescues Choking Infant

In July 2020, a Michigan police officer responds to a domestic call. He arrives to find a mother in tears holding her lifeless baby boy. He calmly responds with CPR and resuscitates the baby.


 3 - Fort Worth Police Save an Abducted 8-year-old girl

In November 2019, Fort Worth Police rescued an 8-year-old girl who was abducted in broad dail light earlier that day while walking with her mother. With quick action and the power of social media, she was saved. 

2 - Albuquerque Pollice Officer Finds an Abducted 3-Year-Old Girl in a Parking Lot 

Albuquerque police officer Chris Poccia found an abducted three-year-old girl in a parking lot. She was in the car when it was stolen and the mother immediately called the police. She was reunited with her family immediately. The criminal is still at large. Thanks to Officer Poccia for being there to save this little girl.   

1 - Video Shows Police Free Woman Who Was Kidnapped by a Serial Killer

In November 2016 Spartanburg County Sheriff's Department rescue a woman who was kidnapped by a serial killer. Law Enforcement found her chained up like a dog in a storage container. The woman reports that she had been in there for months. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Law Enforcement she was rescued from this horrific situation.