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About the Artist and Author

"The love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Self taught artist and photographer, Jason Bullard feels incredibly fortunate to have a career in the art industry and feels, "when you are doing what you enjoy, you really never work a day in your life."

Early Life

In his early beginnings Jason started his career as a concept artist working with well known artists such as John McNaughton. He had a passion for digital art and photography and it was through these that he found his ability to express and create all of his images exactly as his mind visualized them. It was during his concept days when he began to learn and enjoy working with digital art and photography.

Jason was also in Law Enforcement for five years, which is what inspired his concept for the No Greater Love Art Series! 

Award Winning Artist

Jason has quickly become an award winning and best selling artist. He has an aggressive style that evokes emotion and a deep sense of patriotism. He has a natural ability to create art that pulls on the heart strings. He has a deep passion to illustrate, create, and honor those men and women who dedicate their lives to service and sacrifice. His success is illustrated in his latest series titled, "No Greater Love".


Author Kevin Craig

My Name is Kevin Craig and I live in Indiana with my wife of 13 years, a 7 year old son, and two teenage step-kids. God and family are my bedrock and quiet strength, and have pulled me through some really big challenges in my life. Without each and every one of them I would truly be lost.

I’m also an aspiring 40 year old writer in the making. Most writer’s start at a much younger age so I guess I have some catching up to do. 

Up until roughly 13 years ago I would only write as I felt inspired, and usually my works would take shape as a poem, or a song. I have written poems, and short-stories ever since I was a child in grade school, but never took it seriously. It was always just a way out of my battles, or a way to make the world disappear for a few minutes at a time. Kind of my own utopia.

Around the year 2000 I sat down at my computer and just started writing for no apparent reason. I didn’t really have any goals or objectives, other than just occupying space on Microsoft Word. At this particular time in my life, the writing just wouldn’t stop, so I found myself being driven, ever compelled, and a year or so later I published my first book, The Interpretation. My first book was a shadow or mirror reflection of who I was at that particular point in time in my life. It was written during a time of darkness and great depression, and so the novel was a complete replication of Kevin Craig. Thank God I didn’t stay there, because as God changed me, so did the way that I wrote, and the subject matter that came from me.

From my first book on I realized that what I really wanted to do with my life was write, create, to make my characters literally breathe on paper. Not necessarily for a living, but for the sheer love of writing. From my first novel to where I am 13 years later, my works have changed drastically. I went from writing Thrillers with decadent substance to penning Christian Thrillers where good triumphs over evil.

One of my greatest friends and inspirations to my work is Jason Bullard. Ever sense I started writing, he’s been there reading it. He’s so bone-chilling honest that I know when he tells me that something I’ve written isn’t very good, I had better change it. However, he’s also the first person that pats me on the back, or encourages me when he likes the material I’ve written as well. He’s just a real friend.

We have been side by side since our first days in the junior high, until this very hour. His talent and quest for inspired art is what drove me to be better in my craft. It only seemed natural to combine his art and my writings together. And when I look at his work and see the talent, the God given inspiration, I have no other choice but to make sure that what I wrote doesn’t cast a shadow on the beauty of his work. So this has placed me in a position where I have no other option but to write something that at least compliments his work.

So I want to personally thank him, my truest friend, for never being afraid to look me in the eye and tell me what I needed to hear when it counted the most. If someone were to ask me what are the 5 people in your life that left a lasting imprint on my heart, one of them would most assuredly be my buddy,
Jason Bullard.

Kevin Craig