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Angelic Rescue

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Print Size: 12"x18"

The "Angelic Rescue" image depicts a police officer who has just rescued a young girl from danger. Everyday law enforcement officers throughout this country place their lives in harms way to protect the citizens of this great nation. From the late night bar fights to the early afternoon school shootings, police officers are there on the front lines protecting and rescuing those who need them. Law enforcement officers are the real guardian angels that live among us.

This picture show the true spirt of a policemen. He is fierce, yet gentle, he see all the bad, yet he sees all the good as well. The way he holds the little girl , with love and care. It makes you wonder... Is this his child he has to kiss goodbye before he goes on shift, or did he just save her from an abusive situation. He is letting her know that she is safe and he will care for her and protect her no matter what happens. You can see that he wishes he could take her pain if he could. Because he is a policemen. He will put his life on the line to protect her. He is her protector , he is her angel...

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